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Redwoods, Birds and Microphones
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Redwood Matters
AUGUST 13, 2019
Explore Redwoods
Get Outside
Plan Your Trip to the Redwoods
Just a few more weekends this summer to get out and enjoy California’s great redwood forests. And planning your adventure in the redwoods has never been easier, thanks to Explore Redwoods, our new and improved online portal that tells you everything you need to know to enjoy more than 100 parks.
Redwoods, birds and microphones: The quest to save an endangered species
Redwoods, birds, and microphones
As we prepare to open Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve to the public for the first time, the League is using technology to protect the giant trees forever. Great video from CNET.
A Native History of the East Bay Redwoods
Insight from the Ohlone
Native History & East Bay Redwoods
From forests to creeks to trails, every natural space has a past that predates our conventional history books. The hills of the San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay were once home to coast redwood forests of incredible stature, and living among them were the Ohlone people.
Good News/Bad News Following Fire at Shady Dell
Blaze at Shady Dell
Fire Spares Candelabra Trees
Wildfire hit the League’s Shady Dell property in northern California late last month. The effects were a mixed bag. The good news: While the fire burned through most of the southern bluff, killing a number of Douglas fir and other trees, it didn’t spread into Shady Dell’s old-growth redwoods.
For California's redwoods, climate change isn't all bad
SF Gate
Saving California's redwoods, one tree at a time
CNET (Video)
7 amazing ways to experience California’s redwoods
Lonely Planet
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